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Glen Page Gets His First Turkey!

Glen beat me to our lease about 5 minutes. We gathered our gear, figured out where eachother was going and went to it! He was above me in some small pines and I headed further back into the swampy glen page turkey 1hardwoods. The sun took forever to come up and I could hear some gobbling not far away from Glen! He was in the right spot this morning. I just sat back and waited for the events to unfold. This was Glen’s first turkey hunt EVER! I know he’s been practicing with his box call and I hoped it would do the trick for him this morning.

glen page with his first turkeyAfter a couple short sequences of calls a jake broke away from the flock, committed and made it from the roost to Glen in 2 seconds! BOOM! Turkey down! I just sat there and smiled.

It wasn’t the biggest turkey in the woods but it was Glen’s first turkey ever! I was happy for him and sent him on his way to get a fan mount at Sutton’s Taxidermy!

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