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$11,000 Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship was a HUGE Success!

The $11,000 Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship was a HUGE success! The tournament based out of Wytheville, VA was held over this past weekend.  Organizer Jason Groseclose of MFK CAlls with assistance from Benton Bowman, Brandon Kyle Crickenberger and Maria Maready put together a smooth and flawless event. The tournament had 154 registered 2 man teams from as far as Maine and the furthest to actually ...

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Rabbit Hunting with the Valentines at the Skinner Plantation

We had some great friends, Ed & Eddie Valentine, come in from Brockton, PA to stay with us and enjoy some southern rabbit hunting! We had a great hunt the first and third day but the best day was day 2 at the Skinner Plantation. We arrived at the Skinner Plantation around 9am and met with the landowners, Tom & Billy Skinner. They were excited to get after some rabbits and so were we! No time was was ...

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Team Gunderman Goes Fishing!

Team Gunderman hits Lake Wylie with the A-Rig Saturday was another unusually nice day for January in North Carolina.  There was a little chill in the morning but it made for a beautiful, sunny afternoon on Lake Wylie.  With the cold front that’s come through this past week we knew the water would be colder and the bait fish would be up and on the move. Hoping for a good day on the water we called and asked ...

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704 Blasts a Banded Mallard Duck!

Me, Daniel and Chris ventured out on New Years Day to hunt a local pond 2 miles North of Concord, NC. Chris has hunted this pond for several years, however the pond we usually hunt was almost dried up so we hunted the larger pond just above it. This pond is a little harder to hunt since it is so much bigger. There is no telling where the ducks would hit the water. Chris decided to give it a shot. He called ...

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