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Guided Wild Hog Hunts

Guided Wild Hog Hunts with John “The Hawgfather” MacPherson & Sean “Cornbread” Casey

Have you seen all the Wild Hog Hunting we’ve done on our TV show and have been wanting to go yourself? Been following our social media pages and always wondered how you can get in on all the action? For years we have guided hunts with our show sponsors, donated hunts to Non-Profit Organizations and now we are offering guided Wild Hog Hunts to the public! Over the years we have had such great success in the field and have secured so many properties, which are absolutely covered in Wild Hogs, that we have completed our goal to be able to take guided hunts with confidence.

Success Rates:

95% Successful Harvests in 2014 during the months of January through April

100% Successful Harvests in 2015, 2016, 2017 during the months of January through April.

90% Successful Harvests with 100% Opportunity in 2015, 2016, 2017 in the months of May and June.

Costs and Hunt Information:

Cost of Wild Hog Hunts are $500 per hunter for a 2 Night Wild Hog Hunt.

A $100 deposit per hunter is due at the time you schedule your hunt.

Meals are included and Lodging can be arranged as needed depending on size of hunt party.

Hunt locations are decided the week of your scheduled hunt. We have several properties located in several different counties in North Carolina and South Carolina. The most active properties leading up to your scheduled hunt will be the ones we will go to.

The itinerary for Guided Hunts are as follows:

Night 1

  • Hunters should arrive ready to hunt the first night by 5pm.
  • We will go over safety guidelines and instructions on how we operate our hunts.
  • We will head to our hunting location just before dark.
  • We will hunt throughout the night as long as each hunter would like.
  • We will extract all hunters at the end of the hunt.

Night 2

  • Breakfast will be prepared mid morning as hunters wake up and get moving.
  • We can check hog traps after breakfast and/or relax for the afternoon hunt.
  • A large Lunch/Early Dinner will be served around 4pm.
  • All hunters will get dressed and gather gear to proceed to the hunt location by 5pm.
  • We will hunt throughout the night as long as each hunter would like.
  • We will extract all hunters at the end of the hunt.

Morning after the conclusion of the Hunt

  • Breakfast will be prepared mid morning as hunters wake up and get moving.
  • We will assist in loading all coolers, hides to be delivered to taxidermist and gear.
  • Hunters will depart and get some much needed rest!


Most commonly asked questions:

Q. What equipment do we need to hunt Wild Hogs at night?

A. You will need a good quality Weapon Mounted Hog Light. If you would like to purchase one of your own for future use you may do so, otherwise we do furnish all Weapons Mounted Hog Lights as it is included in your hunt. We also have Rifles that are equipped with Night Vision Equipment that is available to rent for your hunt if you would like to hunt with one.

Q. Do I need a hunting license to hunt Wild Hogs?

A. Yes, you need to have a valid North Carolina Hunting license. If you are from out of state, you will need to purchase a 10 Day Non-Resident Small Game License.

Q. How many hogs can we harvest?

A. **UNLIMITED** As many as you can shoot! Wild Hogs reproduce so rapidly that there is absolutely no way we will ever get rid of Wild Hogs. You have to kill over 75% of the herd just to remain at the same numbers next year, it’s impossible. If you are given the opportunity to harvest more than one hog, take your time and make the shots count.

Q. Are all hunts guaranteed to harvest a Wild Hog?

A. I hope they all are and we continue our awesome track record! Unfortunately, these are WILD Hogs and this is a 100% free range hunt, no fences. We cannot guarantee that you will harvests a Wild Hog but we will put you in the most active sights with confidence that you should be successful. We would not put you in a stand we would not personally hunt at the time of your scheduled hunt.

Q. Do you offer 1 Night Wild Hog Hunts?

A. We do not. Things that are out of our control can happen in an instant. If a property we are going to or are actively hunting has Raccoon Hunters or Hog Dog Hunters pass through or near the property it could change the outcome of the night. If Deer blow at us as we walk in to your stands or catch any of the hunters during the hunt, it could change the outcome of the hunt. Wild Hog’s travel patterns can be altered by the least amount of human interaction. We do not like to put all of our eggs in one basket and guide hunts only one night at a time with expectations from hunters that every hunt will harvests. We have such a high success rate because if something does go wrong the first night we will come up with a game plan to be successful the next night. A lot of our hunts harvest first night out but we make sure we always have a back up plan if things go south on the first night!

Q. If we harvest the first night, will we still hunt the second night?

A. Absolutely! The hunts we run are for 2 Nights no matter how many Wild Hogs you harvests. If you are satisfied with the harvests you made on the first night and would like to return home the next day without hunting the second night, that is perfectly fine. The total for the hunt is still the same whether you hunt just one or both nights.

Q. Do you process the Wild Hogs after the harvest?

A. We will skin, quarter and pack all meat from your harvests in coolers for your travels. We do not process Wild Hogs as we are not equipped to do so. We can give you some recommendations on processors we have used before. You can also check your local processors to see if they will process Wild Hogs before the hunt so you know where to take your meat when you depart from our hunt.

If you have any further questions or would like to book

your next Wild Hog Hunting adventure, 

email or call/text 704-713-0420.



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