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Wild Hog Removal

19 Wild Hogs Trapped in One Night

                         19 Wild Hogs Trapped in 2 separate traps, on the same property, all in ONE Night

Wild Hogs are becoming a huge problem in North Carolina. We have been battling the explosion of their population for a few years now. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge through hands on experiences in the field while successfully keeping their population in check on the properties we have worked. You have to harvest 75% of the herd to REMAIN at the SAME numbers next year. It may seem like an impossible task but we can give your land relief by harvesting a large amount of hogs in a short period of time. It’s all about numbers. If you harvest one hog a month, you aren’t doing anything to help get the numbers down. We utilize every tactic available to us to remove as many hogs as possible while they are on your property. We own several Wild Hog Traps (which is the most effective population control tactic), Night Hunting Equipment, Treestands, Ground Blinds as well as a truck specially built for going property to property and hunting Wild Hogs from a custom made hunting rack.


Wild Hog Removal Services Costs and Information

There is a one time fee of $500 to begin the Wild Hog Removal Job. Which includes:

  • Accessment of your property and what is needed for the job.
  • Delivery of all necessary equipment such as Traps, Hog Lights, Wild Hog Bait, Trail Cameras, Hunting Stands, etc.
  • Travel to and from your property to check traps, check cameras and Night Hunts.
  • Substantial amount of Wild Hog Mix Baits, Commercial Baits, Corn, Feed, etc. to get Wild Hog Traps baited and Wild Hog Bait Sites started.

Once we are set up we will begin the removal job and there is a $50 harvest fee per Wild Hog removed from your property.

Frequently asked questions regarding Hog Removal Services:

Q. How long does it take for you to get started?

A. We will be at your property within 48hrs as long as we are in town and available. We try to get to each property as soon as possible while the hogs are on your property and to minimize the damage they can cause to your property if left alone.

Q. How many hogs can you remove?

A. It all depends on how many hogs you have on your property. We do an initial assessment of your property to see what we are working against and come up with a game plan to remove as many and as fast as we possibly can. Sometimes a small sounder may only have 8-10 hogs and some have 30-40 hogs.

Q. Do you use Hog Dogs like on TV?

A. Occasionally we will utilize trained Wild Hog Hunting Dogs. As exciting as it is, it is not a very effective way to harvests large amounts of hogs. You may catch a couple Wild Hogs but they mostly just push the majority of the Sounder to another property, which passes on the problem to the next landowner. The Wild Hogs will return. If we are wrapping up a Wild Hog Removal job we may use some trained Wild Hog Hunting Dogs as a farwell to push but rarely do unless requested from the landowner.

Q. If you catch a lot of Wild Hogs can you give us a deal?

A. The goal is to harvests as many hogs as possible. The harvest fee is negotiable depending on different elements of the Hog Removal job. We want to work with each client as much as we possibly can however the expenses encured while baiting, traveling to and from your property starts adding up very quickly.

Q. What do you do with the Wild Hogs once they are harvested?

A. Once we harvest a Wild Hog or Wild Hogs we immidiatley begin to care for the meat. We will skin and quarter each hog to get them in a cooler as fast as possible to ensure the meat is cooled quickly and prepared for processing. If you would like the meat from the hogs that are harvested on your property that is 100% ok with us. We fill the freezers of our family and friends as well as donate a substantial amount of meat to local food banks and shelters. Whatever you would like to see the meat distributed is up to you!

If you have any questions and would like to hire us to help with your Wild Hog problem,

email! You can also call or text (704) 713-0420

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