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Ashley’s First Turkey!

My boyfriend, Sean, and I have been hunting a friend’s land in Greene County, NC for the past 2 seasons.  Last year we didn’t have much luck and it was my first year as a hunter, but we had seen a huge tom on the property. We knew he was still there.  This year we started scouting early and found a good point on the property where we could set up our blind.  While scouting before the season and on opening day we saw a couple of HUGE tom’s!  We were hoping to get one of them…

ashley's first turkeyAnyway – Saturday we didn’t hunt the morning and chose an afternoon hunt instead.  We set up our blind and our decoys, then waited.. and waited.  After about an hour of waiting and shelling out a few calls with no response, out of NOWHERE, and I mean NOWHERE, 3 jakes ran at our Jake decoy.  They were fired up and ready to fight.  They surprised us, but luckily we didn’t get busted! They were focused in on that Jake.   They were about 15-20 yards in front of us and I fired at the one in the picture, his beard is almost 5 ½ inches.  Sean and I were hoping to hold out for one of the bigger Tom’s, but I had to get on the board! Now, we can go out and wait for the big daddy on our next hunt! We cooked him up and had a turkey casserole last night! It was fabulous.

We were surprised at what we encountered while scouting a few weeks ago.  Turkeys are not overly common in this area of Eastern NC and we saw 21 our first day scouting this field!  If you are not familiar with Greene County, Snow Hill, it is between Goldsboro and Greenville.

I’ll keep you posted on future hunts!


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