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Carolina Coyote Classic

The 5th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic is a Coyote Hunting Tournament that is strongly supported by the North Carolina Wildife Resource Commission, Stanly Convention and Visitors Bureau and the majority of our community! The tournament is hosted in Stanly County, North Carolina. This years Event Dates are February 9th, 10th & 11th 2018. The “C3 Tournament” organized by 704 Outdoors.



Years ago decided to organize a local Coyote Hunting Tournament in our backyard to help with Predator Control as well as a great event to bring like minded sportsman together. The three years were a success and the 4th Annual tournament was even bigger and better! We’re excited for this tournament to top them ALL with a great location and awesome prizes that have collected!


Stanly County is the home of 704 Outdoors! With such overwhelming support from Stanly County over the years, we are proud to host the C3 Tournament in our backyard. We hunt in Stanly, we usually gather in and around Stanly County to leave on trips to destination hunts, just to hang out, shop and eat in town. We are proud of our partnership with the Stanly County Convention & Visitors Bureau and even more pleased to call Stanly County home to the Carolina Coyote Classic. Special thanks to for getting us set up at the American Legion Post 76, formally known as the Stanly County Fairgrounds.


You can keep up with all the details and announcements on the C3 facebook page HERE!



Here are the details for the C3 Tournament:


Tournament Dates are February 9th, 10th and 11th 2018.

Registration fee $25, you can email to request a registration form or register online HERE.


We will be holding a Coyote Hunting Seminar February 3rd at Bass Pro Shops at Concord Mills in Concord, NC. The seminar will be held at the Conservation Room located on the second floor beside the Archery Department. The seminar will begin at 6:30pm. We will be accepting registrations at the seminar.


Tournament Location:

American Legion Post 76
24302 US 52 Hwy South Business
Albemarle, North Carolina

Weigh in Schedule:
Friday February 9th 10am to 9pm
Saturday February 10th 10am to 9pm
Sunday February 11th 9am to 12:00pm


There will be a Youth Class, Adult Class and NEW to this year is the PRO CLASS! In the Adult Class and Youth Class, prizes will be awarded for the Biggest Coyote in both classes and the most Coyotes in both classes!


$5,000 in CASH PAYOUT in the NEW Pro Class 

$3,000 CASH Payout awarded to the team with the Most Coyotes
$2,000 CASH Payout awarded to the team with the Second Most Coyotes
$1,000 CASH Payout awarded to the team with the Third Most Coyotes

The Traditional Adult Class and Youth Class Prizes will include:
Predator Hunting Rifle Package
Sniper Hog Lights  Rifle Light Package
Predator Calls
704 Outdoors Gear
and more!



The Winner with the Biggest Coyote will be awarded a Predator Hunting Rifle Package with a Sniper Hog Lights Rifle Light Package!
(Model may be different then the rifle pictured)
Special thanks to Hal’s Gun and Pawn in Concord!
Sniper Hog Lights 66LR Rifle LightSpecial thanks to Sniper Hog Lights!
Keep checking in here or on the Official C3 Facebook page to see updates on prizes, classes and more!


Carolina Coyote Classic Rules:


You will need to take a picture with your harvest with either a smartphone or camera to be submitted at the time you weigh in your coyote. Further details and instructions will be announced and explained further at the time of registration.

1. No registrations will be taken during the hunt.  The hunt will officially begin at  12:01 AM., Friday, February 9th, 2018 and will end at 12:00 PM on Sunday, February 11th, 2018.

2. Registration Fee for Adult Class and Youth Class will be $25.00, of which $5.00 will go toward cash prizes to successful hunters. If you wish to register for the largest female coyote contest, it will cost an extra $2.00. All money collected for female registration will be paid back as prize money. Registration for PRO CLASS will be $100 for 2 Hunter Teams.

3. Each participant must be registered for this hunt.  When hunting in teams, each member of the group must be registered or the entire group will be disqualified. In the Adult Class and Youth Class you can have UP TO 4 HUNTERS PER TEAM.

4. Coyotes must be harvested during the days and times of the scheduled hunt.

5. Participants must possess a valid hunting license. Participant’s license may be checked when they bring in a coyote to be weighed.

6. During the scheduled Carolina Coyote Classic, coyotes may be hunted in any county in North and South Carolina.

7. Calls and dogs may be used during the hunt in the All Classes.


9. 704 Outdoors reserves the right to have an autopsy preformed on any animal presented at the hunt if it is believed the animal was penned, trapped or taken illegally. Several wildlife biologists and a veterinarian will be available to enforce this regulation. There WILL be a polygraph test for all winners in the Pro Class.

10. Any violation of the North and South Carolina Game Laws and rules of this hunt will result in that person or group being disqualified from the hunt.

11. All Hunters will receive a Number Card once registration & payment is received. Hunter will be assigned a Hunter Number to fill out on the card Thursday evening at 10pm. Each Hunter is required to take a picture with their Number Card and the Coyote Harvested. You can either text or email the picture to the number or email provided to you at time of registration. If you do not submit a picture of the Coyote with your assigned Number Card, the Coyote will not be eligible to be entered into the tournament.

12. Prize money in the Adult Class and Youth Class will be split up as follows:

1st  Prize      –     50% of the total Top Prize Money

2nd Prize     –      30% of the total Top Prize Money

3rd  Prize     –      20% of the total Top Prize Money

Prize for the heaviest female coyote is 100% of the total registration fees paid to particiapte in the female contest.

13. All prize money will be awarded after official results have been determined. Prize money will be awarded by check upon verification of the contestant’s entitlement.

Rules are subject to change. Prizes are subject to change. Official changes will be announced before tournament kicks off.

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