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The Newest Addition to the Family of Assassins!

Just a few weeks ago Bunk and I were discussing getting another closed mouth bay dog. We were talking about how hard we thought it was going to be to find a good dog that worked well with our dogs, had a good nose and would jump on a hog when it had some back up. We like gritty bay dogs that will catch when it had a chance. Bunk said "Man, if we could find a dog like Whitey we'd be in business! Good nose, h ...

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Training Our Hog Dog Puppies Molly, Ovi & Ollie

It's time to get the puppies started! Once they get passed the playing stage and start to listen a little better it's time to put them in the trainin pens. We took them down to my buddy Gypsy to work them with some juvenile hogs. The point of this training session is to introduce the puppies to the hogs. Get them familiar with a wild hog and how they act. We'll work them in a small pen like this a few times ...

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Thanksgiving Hog Hunting

My family headed to Florida for Thanksgiving this year. While we were down there my Uncle Jesse suggested that we should get away one day to do a little hog hunting... we all thought that was a great idea! I called my friend Bob Hayes over at Little Lake Lodge to see if they were going to be around at all for the holiday weekend and he informed me they were wide open. We weren't the only ones that thought i ...

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