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Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator II Feeder Light Product Spotlight

We have been using Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator Feeder Lights for years and are super excited to show you all the upgrades they have done to an already superior product! We introduce to you... the Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator II Feeder Light: Order your Exterminator II Feeder Light today! Find Sniper Hog Lights on facebook HERE and give them a like! ...

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Summer Camp Next Week at Barefoot Archery!

Looking for something entertaining for the kids to do while they are out of school? Look no further! Barefoot Archery is having a summer camp July 9th through the 12th.  The camps are held at the shop from 11am to 1pm. Children Ages 8 to 18 can enjoy the camp led by Sandi, a USA Archery Master Coach! The students receive a Archery Skills and Drills booklet.  Sign up now for a exciting summer adventure! Chec ...

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Katie Helms gets a buck down with her bow!

I finally got my first buck bow kill! After a tough week of hunting I was getting a bit discouraged. My week started off missing not just one but two bucks! It was the second week of muzzleloader season and I hadn't killed any deer with the gun yet so I was feeling some pressure. I was just about to get out of the stand one morning and call it quits when out of nowhere a little spike walks out about 40 yard ...

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Daniel Smacks His Nicest NC Buck to Date!

Here it is, the second weekend of muzzleloader in Central NC and I am still without a deer.  I've been putting in some time and seeing a lot of deer, they are just out of reach with my bow.  Well, I land back in Charlotte from a long week in Canada to find a voice mail from Bunk saying "Daniel, I know you don't have a muzzleloader cause Lauren won't let you have one. So... since my Wife"... this were it get ...

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It’s Official! Night Hunting of Feral Swine and Coyotes with Lights No Longer Needs Permits

The 704 Crew hunts wild hogs and coyotes hard! So it's only natural for us to pay super close attention to the laws that effect our passion. We have been keeping up with what the NCWRC has been trying to decide on how to handle Feral Swine and Coyote Hunting at Night with lights. Well they just announce TODAY that effective August 1st you can hunt Feral Swine and Coyotes at Night with Lights on private land ...

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