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Gear Reviews done by 704 Outdoors Pro Staff & Field Staff Members

Gear Review: Kenai Chest Holster from Gunfighter’s Inc

As you know, I love my GLOCK 10mm's and don't go in the woods without one. The only way I carry mine is in a Gunfigter's INC Kenai Chest Rig! The original is the best GLOCK holster for use in the outdoors and now they just recently released the Kenai 2.0 ... here's what I think about them! Find them on facebook and give them a like HERE! Order yours at ...

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Rubber Dummies 3D Torso Target Product Spotlight

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of having Rubber Dummies' creator/owner Mike Lessnick and his son Brandon over for a North Carolina Hog Hunt! During their trip we had a chance to talk a little bit about their 3D shooting target product, Rubber Dummies! This is the coolest 3D torso target on the market! Great for self defense training, police training, active shooter scenarios and more. Make sure to ch ...

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Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator II Feeder Light Product Spotlight

We have been using Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator Feeder Lights for years and are super excited to show you all the upgrades they have done to an already superior product! We introduce to you... the Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator II Feeder Light: Order your Exterminator II Feeder Light today! Find Sniper Hog Lights on facebook HERE and give them a like! ...

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Introducing Project Precision using the Ruger RPR .308!

Sean was looking for a long range rifle capable of making some looooong shots on deer and hogs. He did a little research and came across the Ruger RPR Precision Rifle. Keep up with the project as he does upgrades and share with you his findings! Companies such as Anarchy Outdoors, Seekins Precision and Ergo Grips, Teludyne Tech and more.         ...

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Gear Review: Kenai Chest Rig by Gunfighters INC

A few months ago I had a vision of filming a few episodes for Season 3 using my choice of pistols, GLOCK! I started with my trusty 20C 10mm and  also acquired a 22 .40 caliber for the project. The only thing that I found off the get go was it got uncomfortable taking long hikes to the stand or making my rounds checking hog traps. It's funny how a GLOCK can gain about 10lbs after 100yds through the woods! Co ...

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Gear Review: Lou Animal Feeders

Fumbling around on Facebook one day checking out different hunting products as I do on occasion I came across this feeder system by Lou Animal Feeders. After checking out the page I found a link to the website and decided to check it out. Reading through the instructions and usages of the feeders I really thought I should try and contact the owner. I reached out to them through Facebook and that's when Brya ...

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Using the Rack Packer for the First Time!

We had the pleasure of meeting Keith and Zack Doyle of The Rack Packer at the Pee Dee Deer Classic. We were pretty impressed with how well the Rack Packer was built and it definitely looked like it would function great in the field. We grabbed a couple to try out and brought it back to the 704! As soon as we returned from Florence, SC we actually put the Rack Packer to use by unloading all the Wannamaker Wi ...

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