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Very Limited Amount of Carolina Coyote Classic T-Shirts Available!

What you see here is the LAST of the 4th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic T-Shirts! Shirts are only $15. If you want to place an order, email with the size(s) you want! Once these are gone they're gone! Here are the available sizes: (1) Adult Small (2) Adult Large (2) Adult XL... (2) Ladies Small (3) Ladies Large   ...

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Gaby Gets an iPad!

We are proud to have been a part of the "Gunning for Gaby" Charity event. While we were eating dinner after the end of day 1 of the "Gunning for Gaby" Deer Hunt, Kent Gillis produced yet another surprise for Gaby! Check it out...   To see more about this great cause go to Gillis Family Hunt Club's Facebook Group Page HERE! ...

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Carpe Diem

Fifteen years ago my life would take a turn that no one in my family saw coming. I remember sitting in class at school when all the sudden I looked to the door, and there stood a family friend of mine with the school principal.  I had no idea what to expect.  Being a child at the time I started to think back to all the bad things I had done, and wondered what I possibly could have done to this particular fr ...

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Photoshoot with Katie Whalen Photography was a Success!

We've been actively looking for a photographer that would do a photo shoot with us to use for Season 3 material. Ashley was excited to let us know that she had found the perfect match to who we've been looking for, Katie Whalen of Katie Whalen Photography! Ashley organized the entire event and we met with Katie this past Saturday at Diamond B Horse Stables for our first photo session. Katie jumped right in ...

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Sean Fell from a Tree! Safety First!

You never know when it can happen to you. You get in a hurry, have tons of things on your mind and all of a sudden it happens... you slip and start heading to the ground! Gravity is not something to play with. Please watch this video and we hope it helps you take a second and think it through before you detach from the tree...   ...

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Coyote Hunting Seminar a BIG Success!

Last night's Coyote Hunting Seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Concord, NC was  HUGE success! We had a head of 100 in attendance to learn more about Coyote Hunting and Trapping! We would like to thank everyone that came out. It's always great to see our fans as well as meet some new faces. To follow up on last nights Seminar we wanted to share some information on how you can keep up with the speakers that were fe ...

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Coyote Hunting Seminar at Bass Pro Shops

Deer season is over.... it's time to put a dent in the Coyote population! We're gearing up to lower the boom on some predators as well as getting prepared for the 2nd Annual Carolina Coyote Classic. We would like to share our expertise with anyone that is interested in getting into predator hunting as well as any tournament participants trying to get some additional pointers. This seminar is for beginners, ...

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704 Outdoors Food Drive to Benefit Backpack Ministries

We are collecting food for children in need for the holidays. While we all take for granted the meals we eat on a daily basis, there are kids out there that are wondering when their next meal might be. Next time you're in the grocery store getting simple items for yourself, grab a few extras and bring them to our food drive. We will be set up at the Marathon in Mount Pleasant at 9100 E Franklin St, Mt Pleas ...

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Video: 704 Outdoors Show Opener!

Really wanted to share the show opener with ya'll but we didn't want to ruin the premier! Here is the awesome intro done by our buddy Austin Harrison from Visual Vantage! If you did not get to catch the first episode, it will be live online in the next day or so. We will keep everyone updated as soon as it is live! Thanks for everyone that tuned in and make sure you catch next weeks show... it keeps getting ...

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