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NEW Dates for the 5th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic!

Traditionally the Carolina Coyote Classic has been held the last weekend of February. The reason for that was to place the tournament where it would not have any conflicts with other tournaments or local events that may impact participation. This year we did a little more research to make it a priority to find the best weekend to harvest coyotes and then secondly the impact from local events. After discussi ...

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Gear Review: Kenai Chest Holster from Gunfighter’s Inc

As you know, I love my GLOCK 10mm's and don't go in the woods without one. The only way I carry mine is in a Gunfigter's INC Kenai Chest Rig! The original is the best GLOCK holster for use in the outdoors and now they just recently released the Kenai 2.0 ... here's what I think about them! Find them on facebook and give them a like HERE! Order yours at ...

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Rubber Dummies 3D Torso Target Product Spotlight

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of having Rubber Dummies' creator/owner Mike Lessnick and his son Brandon over for a North Carolina Hog Hunt! During their trip we had a chance to talk a little bit about their 3D shooting target product, Rubber Dummies! This is the coolest 3D torso target on the market! Great for self defense training, police training, active shooter scenarios and more. Make sure to ch ...

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PETA Facebook Profile Filter Backfires, Goes Viral with Hunters

Did you catch the new Profile Filter on Facebook that you could use courtesy of our friends at PETA? If not, take a look now because it's going viral!  Every hunter and fisherman is using the filter to show off their favorite harvest. There are new profile pictures from Whitetail Deer to Ducks and Largemouth Bass to Catfish. We have absolutely had a blast with this new campaign and you should participate in ...

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The First Wild Hog Harvested using a 3D Night Vision Unit!

Earlier this year Michael Bartlett from 3D Night Vision came up from Georgia to hunt Wild Hogs with us. He had just started preorders for his new invention, the 3D Night Vision Clip On Unit. This unit clips on behind any red dot and BAM, you have night vision! He was getting a temendous amount of interest on his product and needed some footage to show how well the unit worked. The concept was there but peop ...

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Wild Night of Hog Hunting with Performance Gunworks

What a night! Last night we had our buddy Scott from Performance Gunworks come hunt with me & Jon. As you know, Scott is the master mind behind the BD-15 .450 Bushmaster Rifle I use to smash hogs now. This trip he brought along another beast build of his, a .450 Bushmaster BOLT Rifle and he put it to use. He was all dialed in and ready to collect some bacon so when he arrived we took off to go check a c ...

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Checking out the NEW Line of Pulsar Thermal Imaging Scopes & Sights at NRA Annual Meeting

You know how bad we've been wanting to bring thermal imaging hog hunting and coyote hunting footage to Season 4 of the 704 Outdoors TV Show! We definitely made it a point to stop and talk with the awesome guys at Pulsar Night Vision. We went over the new line up of thermal imaging scopes & sights that have been released. We discussed the Helion XP28, Helion XP38, Helion XP50, Helion XQ19F, Helion XQ38F, ...

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Checking Out Cutting Edge Bullets at the NRA Annual Meeting 2017

We heard about cutting edge bullets when we were discussing some big bore ammunition and found out how awesome their products are. Get more info HERE. "CNC Swiss Style Automatic Lathes are second to none when it comes to machining small precision parts. They are typically used in machining complex parts in a single operation verses multiple operations using other methods. This is accomplished by the machine ...

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Talking with Teludyne Tech at the NRA Annual Meeting 2017

Ran into our good buddies from Teludyne Tech to talk a little about their straight jacket service! Here is some info that you can find on their website at "No barrel bore is perfectly centered, and even high-precision barrels have machining imperfections that may go unnoticed when the gun is cool. But firing just a few rounds causes the barrel to heat up enough that these minor imperfe ...

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Hanging Out with Fortis Manufacturing at NRA Annual Meeting 2017

One of our first stops at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA was with Fortis Manufacturing. Check out their line if quality AR parts from muzzlebreaks to stocks. You can see everything they have to offer HERE. "Our aim is to provide "Operator" needed strength with exceptional design and aesthetics at an affordable price. We are passionate about bringing the best AR15/M16 products to market. Fortis Manufa ...

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