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Talking with Teludyne Tech at the NRA Annual Meeting 2017

Ran into our good buddies from Teludyne Tech to talk a little about their straight jacket service! Here is some info that you can find on their website at

“No barrel bore is perfectly centered, and even high-precision barrels have machining imperfections that may go unnoticed when the gun is cool. But firing just a few rounds causes the barrel to heat up enough that these minor imperfections can have a significant impact on accuracy. During firing the resulting pressure wave causes the barrel to expand, flex and bow. The hotter it gets, the worse it gets.

The patented StraightJacket® Barrel System is the only thermal management technology that quickly conducts heat away from the barrel, keeping it cool and dimensionally stable, and ensuring the gun stays accurate even after 30 rounds of continuous fire.

Rapid heat dissipation is only part of the solution. The patent pending Muzzle Recoil Compensator (MRC™) uses the waste propellant gases to virtually eliminate recoil and provide stability, keeping the rifle on target.

TTI created and built what is being called the finest production upper receiver group on the market today. The Sine Pari Series Upper Receiver Group is designed for serious shooting enthusiasts and professionals who demand unmatched repeatable accuracy and reliability in their weapon system. At the very core of the URG is the StraightJacket® Barrel System GEN IV. This revolutionary system uses advanced engineering principles, construction and materials to increase the structural rigidity and reduce peak temperature variations of the barrel resulting in a significant reduction of differential barrel expansion and associated inaccuracy.”

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