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Checking Out Cutting Edge Bullets at the NRA Annual Meeting 2017

We heard about cutting edge bullets when we were discussing some big bore ammunition and found out how awesome their products are. Get more info HERE.

“CNC Swiss Style Automatic Lathes are second to none when it comes to machining small precision parts. They are typically used in machining complex parts in a single operation verses multiple operations using other methods. This is accomplished by the machines being equipped with live tools (meaning tools that rotate) for milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, etc. for machining done crosswise through a part. A hex, square, or any other shape can be cut on a part with these tools as well. Our machines are equiped with a pick-off spindle, or sub-spindle, so after a part is machined on the front spindle, the part can be grabbed with the sub spindle and cut off to prevent the part from falling and getting damaged. Once the part is in the sub spindle there are separate tools that can be used to machine the part on its backside which also prevents having to perform another operation on another machine. This is how the shape is cut into the rear of our bullets.”


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