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Pro Staffer Daniel Gunderman’s brother, David Gunderman’s first deer

ProStaffer Daniel Gunderman’s younger brother is visiting from Washington for the week. Daniel told me that he was making it his mission to try to put him on a deer while he’s visiting the south. I invited them both over to hunt a spot that i knew they would either kill one or see one. I even told them this morning, “I’m 95% sure you’ll kill one… the other 5% is if u screw up!” We all laughed and headed to the stands.
About 30 minutes after daylight 2 yearlings came in from my right and walked the path i’ve seen them walk time & time before. I just watched them through the scope talking to myself, “keep goin, keep goin… almost there…” Just as they disappeared down the draw i sent Daniel a text saying that two were on the way. Less than 2 minutes later the 30-06 barked! So there i sat in my stand fist pumping like an idiot. I was jacked up about him getting his first deer and i know Daniel & David were too!
A few other deer scattered in the chaos but David was so wired he couldnt get on another one. After a few minutes Daniel sent me a text saying the deer all checked out so i made my way to them.
It was a small button buck but any deer is a good deer in my book, specially your first one! Daniel was proud he was able to share that experience with his brother and i was pleased to be able to put them in the right spot. Of course during one of our breaks dragging the deer to the truck i got a handful of blood and made good on an old southern tradition… by bloodying up his face!

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