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Pro Staffer Daniel Gunderman Lowers the Boom!

Yesterday Pro Staffer Daniel Gunderman headed to his hot spot over looking a freshly cut soy bean field. It all worked out perfectly. Within the first hour in the stand, 6 deer walked out in the field. While he was getting ready to shoot, 4 other deer came out a little lower in the field! He cut loose on the biggest doe that was standing about 80yds. She spun around and hit the wood line. Knowing she was hit good he put the crosshairs on another doe that ran a short distance and hesitated. She was posing for him at 150yds and he let her have it too!
Just as he was about to climb down to start collecting his meat, 2 other deer walked out right underneath him. He already had his gun over his shoulder and foot on the first step heading down the tree. He couldnt take it so he jumped back in the stand and took a crack at the biggest of the two. She jumped 20ft high, did a backflip and as soon as she hit the ground she shot off like a rocket!
Knowing he had his hands full he opted to back out and get help. We all decided to head out in the morning to get them all. The weather was cold enough to keep the meat. We showed up this morning at first light and started trailing deer. Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones trailing these deer. Coyotes… enough said. We followed a long blood trail only to find half a carcass. This was the last deer he shot yesterday. No good. We then went after the next deer which was the first deer he shot. She didn’t make it far and she wasn’t in too bad of shape. The coyotes had eaten her nose clean off and ate some of her rear end. They must have been pretty full from the other deer since they didn’t eat too much off this deer.
Shortly after we got that deer loaded up we went after the last deer. This was the deer that posed at 150yds. No sign. We looked and looked, then we looked some more! Nothing. We all ragged him for missing the deer. He still swears he hit her but there still no evidence of that shot hitting it’s mark!
All in all it was a successful afternoon hunt. Now we know not to let deer sit overnight in that area. We weren’t aware that there was a coyote problem on that property but we know now!
At least we were able to load one deer up. Way to go Daniel!

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