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Getting to Know Team Member Rich Todaro

I grew up in south Florida, playing in the Everglades, catching snakes and chasing gators. I moved to North Carolina in 2005 with my wife and 3 children; Nicole (16), Codi (14), and Ally rich bobcat(13). Some people say I hunt more than I work… I can’t argue with that. I am a contractor so I make my own schedule. Whitetail hunting is my one and only addiction. When I’m not in the woods, I can usually be found at the ball fields. I believe as a parent my first job is to be there for my children, so when it comes to a decision to hunt or watch one of their games, it’s an easy decision, I hunt… oops, meant to type go to the games! I just started with 704 Outdoors this year and I’m working on being more camera friendly which isn’t easy for me. Most of my hunting is done in a climber and with a bow. I like doing Hell Mary style hunts mostly because sitting in the same spot over and over again drives me nuts. Im known to be a picky hunter. I usually start the season sticking a few doe’s to fill the freezer and then spend the rest of the season searching for that monster buck that we all dream of.


Rich Todaro

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