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Getting to Know Team Members Jon & Cody Fentress

We are team Fentress!

jon fentressMy name is Jon Fentress.  I am a mechanic by day and dad by night.  Im a single dad with 3 boys.  We are from Charlotte, Nc but currently live in Concord, Nc. I enjoy all kinds of hunting but my favorite has been boar hunting.  My first hunting experience was squirrel hunting with my grandpa in Kentucky.  I remember I had a lot of fun even though we didn’t get anything.  There was so much more to the hunt other than just walking around in the woods looking for something to shoot.  It was the whole experience and time spent with my now late grandpa. I haven’t hunted my whole life but its something I like to do and something I want to pass onto my sons.  My oldest son is Cody(11) and youngest is Austin(4).  Cody has caught the “fever” I think as he constantly asks to go hunting.  This will be his first year deer hunting, but we have been squirrel, rabbit and coyote hunting together.  We regularly try our bow skills at local archery tournaments which has really enhanced both our skills and built his confidence with a bow.  Austin my youngest is following right in Codys footsteps. He has to do everything his older brother does.  I haven’t taken him hunting yet but every chance we get I take them to bait hog traps, set up stands or to just maintain sites. In his eyes he has been hunting, as he asks to go “hunting” every time we talk about it.  Soon he will have a bow and showing his brother up.  Hopefully the experiences and skills I share with them will be something they can pass onto their kids.

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