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First Turkey – what a Bird!

Amanda Aldridge

My husband and I went to one location with no luck.  Moved on to the next location, got one to gobble back.  Set up our decoys, we made our way through the highgrass and proped up against a cedar tree.  Turkey moved all the way around us for about 30 min.  But I had my gun up and ready the whole time.  Muscles cramping, it finally showed its face, walking straight at us. Boom… He fell down into a big ditch.. Thats the story of my first turkey!  10 1/8 in beard, 22.5 lbs, 1 1/4 spurs

Amanda  & Chris Aldridge

Concord, NC

Great Job on your first bird- congratulations from all of us at forHunters, & 704Outdoors!
Amanda  & 
Chris Aldridge are friends of 704Outdoors and Readers of forHuntersbyHunters

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