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$11,000 Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship was a HUGE Success!

The $11,000 Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship was a HUGE success! The tournament based out of Wytheville, VA was held over this past weekend.  Organizer Jason Groseclose of MFK CAlls with assistance from Benton Bowman, Brandon Kyle Crickenberger and Maria Maready put together a smooth and flawless event.

The tournament had 154 registered 2 man teams from as far as Maine and the furthest to actually arrive at weigh in’s coming from Illinois! Who wouldn’t come to weigh in’s if they harvested 19 coyotes?! There were participants registered from 14 states making this the Biggest Coyote Hunting Tournament with a physical weigh in! There were hunters from Maine, PA, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and had one participant that flew in from Oklahoma to hunt in North Carolina.


The tournament not only drew a crowd, it put a rather large dent in the predator population! This tournament was unique that it was not open to just coyotes, it actually included Bobcats and Foxes as well. There were over 200 predators brought into weigh in’s!

There was prize money awarded in five different categories: Most Coyotes, Biggest Coyote, Biggest Fox, Biggest Bobcat and Most Combined Kills.  A total of $15,400 in prize money was awarded to the winners of each category! The winners and their winnings are as listed:


2017 Eastern U.S. Predator Calling Championship Winners:

Most Coyotes-20 ($9,240): Logan Jones​/Alex Poole

Biggest Coyote-44lbs 14oz. ($1,540) John Alden/Jesse Cadenhead​

Biggest Fox-14lbs 4oz. ($1,540): Jeremy Brown /Mike Burgess

Biggest Bobcat-25lbs 11oz. ($1,540): Chance Bourne​/Luke Bourne

Most Combined Kills-31 ($1,540): Jeremy Brown/Mike Burgess

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