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Team Gunderman Goes Fishing!

Team Gunderman hits Lake Wylie with the A-Rig

fishinlauren&dadSaturday was another unusually nice day for January in North Carolina.  There was a little chill in the morning but it made for a beautiful, sunny afternoon on Lake Wylie.  With the cold front that’s come through this past week we knew the water would be colder and the bait fish would be up and on the move.

Hoping for a good day on the water we called and asked my dad to take his boat out.  With the luck he’d had recently he was biting at the bit to go out again and said “come on down”.  We hit Lake Wylie on my dad’s Ranger about 11AM watching the birds work from point to point.  Knowing they were diving on bait fish and hoping bass were pushing them to the surface; we watched them closely and decided where to start.

With high hopes we pulled into the first point and SPLUSSHHHH!!!  the first A-Rig hit the water followed by 2 more.  Well, it didn’t exactly start off quite the way we had hoped.  After fishing for a little while we picked up one fish and decided to move onto the next point where we picked up one more.  Typically the bass are schooling when the water gets cold and the bait fish are working around the points so we catch quite a few fish.  It certainly did not start off that way on this trip.

Watching the birds continue to work point to point we decided to stick to what we were seeing and moved laurenon to the next point.  Soon our luck changed.   Lauren pulled in this nice 3lb bass and we got on them quick.  Cast after cast, fish after fish, we were in them!  As we continued to catch fish and workedour
way around the point Lauren cast and got stuck on a stump.  This proved to be the best spot on the
point.  As we went in to recover her bait we continued fishing and in 6 casts in a row we hooked 6 2-3lb large mouth.  What a day on the lake!  You gotta love the A-Rig on a cold morning in North Carolina.





Lake:  Lake Wylie

Boat:  Ranger Z 520

Rod: Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris- 7’ Medium Heavy

Reel:  Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier

Bait of choice:  Swarming Hornets Alabama Rig  (A-Rig)  with 5 Zoom fluke swim baits.  Sometimes we use all the same color and other times we switch them up to give the bait ball a different look.   This bait looks like an entire bait ball coming through the water and has been a go to for the fall and winter, especially when it is cold.

Catch:  the biggest fish of the day weighed in at 5.4lbs.  Best 5 fish: 17-20lbs Total:  26 fish




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