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SafeLight’s PA Survival Light Survives 704!

We have had the opportunity to test the safe-light PALight Survival Flash Light in white and blue.  The lights came in and we were excited to give them a try. At first we were unsure if the lights were damaged or if they were stuck in the on position because they had a glow to them. After reading the package and seeing that this was a unique feature for the light we laughed it off, threw them in our bags and off to check hog traps we went!

The lights are super compact and I was blown away by the brightness of these little lights! A lot of the hunting we do is at night, we check traps a lot at night and we run hog dogs at night.  Flashlights are something we take very seriously. There is nothing like being in the middle of a swamp with very upset wild hogs and a dim flashlight! The PALight Survival Lights were actually a lot brighter than the flashlights we had in our bags and half the size.

We used the lights heavily for the past few weeks and they have yet to get low on the single 9V battery they came with. I have personally used the light for everything,  from walking to and from my hog stand, checking traps a few times a week, feeding &  tending to our hog dogs and much, much more. I still can’t believe I haven’t had to change the battery yet!

 I believe the glow feature is probably the coolest feature of the PALight Survival light. They are super easy to find at night with the glow feature, no more fumbling around trying to find a flashlight in the pitch black of night in hog country.  The location strobe is a great feature as well. We have found ourselves using the strobe feature to let each other know when the other is coming out of the stand. Not to mention that our stands are not close together, you can plainly see the strobe from a great distance. This is a great way to communicate with others as well as getting someone’s attention if you ever find yourself in a tight spot.

The PALight Survival is very tough. We are super rough on our equipment and need everything we use has to withstand some serious abuse. The lights have done great! I ran over one of them with a 4 wheeler checking hog traps, pushing it deep into the mud and grave on the trail. I just dug it out, walked over  to the creek submerged it and washed it off. Still worked like a charm. When we got back to the house I just took the cover off, set it on the table and let what little bit of water got in it dry overnight. We’ve been hammered with some spring showers and the light always gets wet but never  fails to light up when I need it.

This is what Bunk Guy had to say about the PALight Survival:

Let me start off by saying, this ain’t your average flash light. The light I tested (safe-light blue L.E.D.) Has a blue light beam. Although unsure of the purpose of the color I’ve been told they are good for blood trails. All I know is if Tom Hanks would have had this light in Castaway, him and Wilson would have never been in the dark. The battery in this thing lasts forever. We have had the pleasure to test these lights over a couple of weeks of fast pace hunting leading up to a local hog hunting contest. We used them while baiting & setting traps running these lights on for hours. Not to mention these lights never turn off, they have a feature where they stay lit on the very lowest setting. In the four weeks I have had the light, I have never changed the battery in this light and have used it every time I have needed a flashlight. It has been wet, muddy, smashed, kicked and dropped out of a tree stand and has never given me a problem. This light would be good for hunters, fishermen, campers or even work. I know I will keep one in my turkey vest this spring.

Kenneth Guy 704 Outdoors.


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