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Reader Harvest, Billy Lowe Kills a Giant!

We love it when our fans keep us up to date on their successful hunts! This was a another reader harvest that is definitely a trophy worth showing off! Good job Billy!!

This is what Billy Lowe had to say:

“I Wish I could say I took him in North Carolina but I didn’t… I took him behind my girlfriend’s house in Southampton, Va. I saw him last year when I was making trails in her woods, so I knew I would have to spend $200 for a out of state license for this season. I hunted a few times back there, saw a few does not the big boy tho so I was beginning to think maybe the hunt club got him. On the afternoon I shot him, I had my mind made up before I went out there that I was gonna smoke me a doe when she comes out to the field I was hunting. I wasn’t sitting there 10 minutes when I heard something come in behind me. Then about 15 yards to my left he came out. I through 3 shots at him with the 12 gauge that layed him down. It all happen really fast! I knew he was a nice buck but didn’t really know how nice!! The Licenses paid for itself!”

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