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Gear Review: Webb Archery Custom Bow String & Cables

As ya’ll have seen in previous stories, I had a set of Custom Bow String & Cables made by Webb Archery installed on my 2007 Bowtech Guardian. I got in touch with the owner, Jamie Webb. We talked a little about his shop and his custom strings. He asked a few questions about the bow I was going to have the string and cables put on. I told Jamie that I’d like a Monster Energy Lime Green color and black. He called me in a couple days and said he was ready for my bow! Myself & Beth met team member Justin Conklin at Webb Archery in Lylesville, NC. We all introduced ourselves and Jamie got started on the Guardian! From the get go, the new string & cables bumped up my draw weight from 68.5lbs to 72lbs. Here is a little follow up on how they have been performing…

Give Jamie a call at 704-475-0195 to make an appointment.

Find Webb Archery on facebook HERE, give em a like and tell em 704 sent ya! You can see the story from getting the Custom String & Cables installed HERE!

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