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Colvin & His Buddy Come Up Big During the Rut!

Like I’ve said before, I have been wanting to get back home to Moore County for quite some time now and do some hunting. This time I was lucky enough to be able to get there the first week in November.

We got in on Sunday night, November the 4th. First thing Monday morning we were in the woods. We hunted both the morning and the evening with no shooters. Me & my buddy had decided before hand that we were’nt going to slay does and small bucks right off the bat. Tuesday morning was a little different. I knew the general area of a hot spot which was sure to hold a decent buck with the huge stand of hardwoods joining a cutdown and hardwoods thicket. By 6am I had found a tree that looked pretty decent in the dark so I decided to give it a shot, not long after there was enough light to shoot I could hear a buck grunting and dogging a doe. I thought for sure he was going to bust into the cutdown at anytime but never got a look at him.
After sitting there for about an hour or so I thought about maybe moving trees so that I could better cover the hardwoods and the cutdown. I had finally made up my mind thats what I was going to do, I stood up in my climber and turned around getting ready to make the trip down the tree when I caught a little movement in the thicket line. An old doe rolled out into the cutdown with a young doe right on her heels. Shortly after I heard the buck grunting again. I knew that I wouldnt have much time to shoot if he came out so I tried to get as stable as possible, within seconds he appeared and let me tell ya I didnt waste anytime! I centered on the shoulder and let the ‘ol 7mag bark. Dropped him in his tracks! I didn’t have a lot of time to check him out before shooting but I knew he had a solid main beam on his left side. He turned out to be my best buck of the trip!
Tuesday evening didn’t turn out a whole lot. We saw a few does and small bucks. Wednesday morning we had a huge frost, my buddy hammered a spike while I sat and watched 4 young bucks dog a doe at about 350yds. I would have given any one of them a dirt nap but I just couldn’t get them to stand long enough for me to get a solid shot (really need to put a shooting rest on my stand!).
Wednesday evening my buddy and I partnered up with a friend of mine. At about 5pm I had a pretty little 6pt circle me crusing for does, I didnt waste anytime getting a 139gr balistic tip into his shoulder! Shortly after I shot my buddy followed up behing me with two shots! At the edge of dark I went over to see what caused him to start WW3. He had a nice 8pt down and pulled off a head shot on a small doe!
Thursday morning we moved to a new spot on a creek bottom but due to lack of trees big enough to climb I elected to sit the ground(something I dont do often). At about 7am I heard some leaves cracking behind me, as I eased around I saw that it was a deer and he caught me! I missed the 1st shot at about 30 yards but came through with the secound at about 70 yards.
Thursday evening we sat on a couple green feilds I had been saving until the end. It didn’t disappoint either, I was able to connect with a nice little 8pt dogging does along the edge of the feild.
What a week… now you know why I wanted to get back home to hunt during the rut!

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