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Lowered the boom on another MONSTER Sow last night! I made my way to the Hog Hut all ninja like and as soon as I got on the platform to step in I laid eyes on 2 BIG sows and a bunch of piglets in the Hog Cheese bait site. I quietly slipped into the Hog Hut, set up the camera and got ready. I tried to shoot both sows with one shot… but I didn’t realize how BIG they were barbee sow 2 at the moment! When they lined up perfectly I hit my Sniper hog Lights 50LR and let the 30-06 bark! The first sow crashed in the field but the second snatched a gear and headed for the border! I gave them 30 minutes or so and got down to investigate the crime scene. Once I walked up on the ‘ol gal I then realized how big she was and there was no exit wound, the other sow made a clean break. What a hunt! I’m telling you… Sniper Hog Lights and Hog Cheese make a DEADLY combination!


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