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Billy is Stacking ’em Up… Another Doe Down!

My alarm went off as normal and I am usually excited to get up and go out hunting in the morning however the snooze button won the match. Finally after 6:00 am I open my eyes rolled out of bed and got ready. It was another cool morning in the deer woods; it had also rained the day before so the leaves were good and quiet.

I slipped into my stand sat down grunted waited nothing (little disappointed) sat there about an hour then it Came a severe pain in my gut “oh crap, I got to go”. Yeah it was nature calling, what a morning I thought as I was walking back to my house. About half way there the pain was gone and the anguish of defeat was not sitting to well on my once upset tummy.

            I decided to break off to the left and hunt a section near a small finger of woods where a lot of does seem to hang out. (This finger of woods is similar to a peninsula in appearance and the outside is bordered by fields & the inside is thick in certain clusters with briars). I slipped in and over the fence careful not to let my pants scuff the barb wire and make that loud obnoxious noise that we all have come to hate, after crossing I sat down near the edge of the field and wood line.

Once I thought I was settled in, I pulled the ole trusty grunt out and hit the doe bleat…Waited nothing except a very upset squirrel who wasn’t shy one bit. A little bit annoyed about this situation I had plundered upon, I decided to move again. After moving about 75 yards or so I sat down and made that spot my new home. 8 o-clock rolls around that pain came back so I get up to get ready to leave take my hat off adjust some things and packed my seat up I turned around and behind me stood a doe in the field about 35-40 yards out coming in straight towards me without hesitation I lifted my rifle up and placed the X-hairs in the vitals and squeezed on down. KABLAM!! I hopped over the fence to retrieve my doe. Upon reaching her I noticed she had already been shot earlier in the season, could it be? Could this be the little doe I thought I shot under and missed during bow season? Well, I didn’t miss her this time.

Billy Skinner

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