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Partnership and Sponsorship opportunities available. We are getting geared up to launch our 4th Season of the 704 Outdoors TV show in the Fall of 2017! We have some great advertisement opportunities for your business. Get great local exposure as well as reach over 14 million homes on a National Network, over 8 million homes on Hunt Channel ROKU Channel and an additional 8 million homes on Gen 7 Outdoors ROKU Channel! With over 25,000 followers on Social Media, we can help build up your Social Media to further your reach using facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Keek, Pinterest and more. For more information please email and request your 704 Outdoors TV Show 2016 Media Kit.


Here are some Testimonials from other Sponsors & Partners:

“From the day we were introduced to John MacPherson and the 704 Outdoors team, they have helped to spread the word about our STEALTH® outdoor-product line, Since the launch of STEALTH® in November 2014, John and his 704 family have shown they’re willing to go the extra mile, whether through television, social media or trade show appearances. John is the ideal spokesman for a fun yet responsible hunting lifestyle, and 704’s rapidly expanding following gives us a tremendous source of support in the marketplace. The 704 audience trusts John, and so do we. In turn, our customers’ enthusiasm about STEALTH® has stemmed in part from John’s honest salesmanship. He’s a natural.

In the past year 704 Outdoors has been as much a creative collaborator as a business partner. We look forward to having as productive a second year with the company as we’ve had in our first.”

~Benny and Amie Maresca / Co-Founders at Martech Research, makers of STEALTH® Scent-Elimination Products

“I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank John MacPherson and the entire crew of 704 Outdoors TV. They went above and beyond my expectations representing Viper Tree Arms Co. They showcased Viper Tree Arms every way possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a show to sponsor. They showcased Viper Tree Arm through every media means possible. As a result it made Viper Tree Arms more noticable in the hunting industry. Because of their passion to their sponsors we did sell product because of their efforts. Thanks guys and girls for a job well done.”
~Leonard Chambers / Viper Tree Arm Company

“We Loved Working with 704 Outdoors, I’ve said Many times Y’all are our Favorite Group to work with…Spending time with the 704 Gang is always a Blast and letting us stay at the Pee Dee With You Guys was Awesome…As far as Promoting us, well all I can say is other Groups should follow in your Footsteps…
I couldn’t ask for a Better Sponsorship and Business Partnership than with Y’all…
“D&K SKULL MOUNTS ” is gonna be on Board for a Long time”
~David Barbery / D&K Skull Mounts

“704 is the real deal! They live and breathe the outdoors and that comes through in everything they do. They have been excellent partners in growing our brand. Not only do they produce one of the most exciting outdoors shows around, they have worked trade shows, produced promotional videos and commercials, tons of social media content and posts, and spread the word about Big Game Butter and Hog Cheese at a grassroots level everywhere they go, which has directly translated into new customers and dealers for us. You won’t find anyone who will work harder to build your brand than 704 outdoors!”
~Sean Boyd / Big Game Butter

“704 Outdoors has been great to work with. They have gone above and beyond in efforts to promote our products and our brand on their TV show, Social media and at trade shows. Our sales have increased each year in part to what 704 Outdoors has done for us. We will continue to work with 704 Outdoors as they truly deliver what they say.”
~Robert Pecht / Sniper Hog Lights

“I am the owner of Bobs Custom Calls and I met John of 704 Outdoors a few years back when I started up on facebook and all I have to say is it has not only become a sponsorship but it has become a great friendship. 704 Outdoors sponsored me when we both began and have been at my side the whole time. This is a hands down a true down to earth group. At first I was just looking to get my calls for 704 Outdoors to use. Not only have they used them, but the marketing and the promoting 704 Outdoors did, and the way they too stand behind my calls has just been unbelievable. 704 Outdoors has not only been a great sponsor but again I will say I believe we also created a great friendship. Truly a great group of men and women here.”
~Robert Scarantino / Bobs Custom Calls

“704 Outdoors has done a wonderful job promoting Webb Archery. We have definitely reached more people through social media and gained new clientele because if 704 Outdoors. Keep up the good work!”
~Jamie Webb / Webb Archery


Season 3 Media Kit Cover

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