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David Comes Back to the 704 to Lower the Boom on a Few NC Deer! Part 3

Hunt #3 day 6:

Gunderman brothers
After spending the weekend with the grandparents, we headed back to NC for my last chance at a NC buck.  With all the activity we had been hearing about we were really hoping to get on a buck.

Well the morning didn’t disappoint.  After sneaking into the stand in the dark and spooking a deer out of the field we didn’t know what to expect.  We weren’t in the stand long when we caught movement coming across the bottom towards the other side of the field.  As we looked down into the hole we realized it was a buck!  Nothing big but it was headed our way.

As he got closer I knew this was my chance.  He finally got to an opening and BLAKOW!!!!  As he ran shoulder hanging I watched him go down about 80yds from where he was shot.
Seeing this buck and knowing they were moving kept me in the stand another two hours as I hoped for a BIG buck to come through.

About an hour after the morning excitement I heard IMG_1453steps again in the leaves behind me.  As I looked through a tree I spotted a doe sneaking around.  She was only about 10 yds from me as I stood and got the scope on her.  Just before shooting I noticed more movement behind her.  There the buck we had been seeing on camera was, 20 yds behind me chasing the doe.  As he got closer and closer he stayed in the  thicket and never gave me an open shot.  WOW!  What a sight to see!  This was by far the biggest buck on the hoof I’ve ever seen.  With no clean shot, I just watched him slip away with a spike following close behind.

What a morning!  I got my buck, saw a wall hanger and shot my third deer for the season within 6 days.  Thanks again bro and to all the team members of 704Outdoors!

David Gunderman


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