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Gear Review: Kenai Chest Rig by Gunfighters INC

A few months ago I had a vision of filming a few episodes for Season 3 using my choice of pistols, GLOCK! I started IMG_0916with my trusty 20C 10mm and  also acquired a 22 .40 caliber for the project. The only thing that I found off the get go was it got uncomfortable taking long hikes to the stand or making my rounds checking hog traps. It’s funny how a GLOCK can gain about 10lbs after 100yds through the woods! Constantly pulling up my pants to keep them from hitting the ground. No matter how tight I pulled my belt it always seemed to want to work it’s way down past my rear end.

After lugging the 20C to the stand a few times during deer season, I knew I had to come up with a better way to haul that thing around. I tried putting it on my packs but didn’t like that I couldn’t access it quickly if I were to jump a deer to the stand or saw one I wanted to put a stalk on. The search began for a new way to holster the beast.

I looked at a few drop leg style holsters but decided that it would still have the same effect, pulling my pants down on long hikes and climbing stands. That’s when I came across the Kenai Chest Rig made by Gunfighters INC while browsing through Instagram. I then found out my cousin Kevin already had one for his GLOCK 40 MOS 10mm. I liked the concept and it looked well built but like anything else, you never know how it will perform until you try it. I asked him about it and he said it was a great holster and I needed to give it a try. Next thing I know I got hooked up with Woody from Gunfighters INC and had a couple on the way!

kenai chest rig holstersIn no time the box was on the door step. It was like Christmas morning opening it up! I attached the straps and started working on adjusting them to fit me. Now, as you know I am not a small guy. The Kenai Chest Rig has tons of adjustment to fit a guy even twice my size. That was probably the only thing I was legitimately worried about with the holster, that I wouldn’t be able to get that thing around my chest! They sure didn’t cut corners on strap length. This is great because I can let it out some to fit over some really thick winter wear and draw it back in when the temperature gets back to T-Shirt weather. Not only do the straps have a ton of adjustment, they also have a couple sections of stretch fabric so it has some give when you are moving around.

The kydex holster itself fit my GLOCK 20C like a glove! It snapped right in and draws great. You can definitely tell Gunfighters INC is a seasoned holster manufacturer. The holster has the perfect amount of tension to hold the pistol tight but not so tight that you have to struggle to get the pistol out. I have ran after a hog through the woods, rode ATV’s wide open through rough terrain and climbed trees 25-30′ to get set up in our ambush spot. Not once has my GLOCK come out or even budged an inch.

The Kenai Chest Rig by Gunfighters INC has been the best holster I have used in the field. Not only does it look great, it functions flawlessly. I highly recommend the Kenai Chest Rig to ANY outdoorsman. Whether you’re a fisherman, hunter, backpacker or hiker… the Kenai Chest Rig is the best way to carry!


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Adam Hog with GLOCK 20 10mm and Kenai Chest Rig

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