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Wild Night of Hog Hunting with Performance Gunworks

What a night! Last night we had our buddy Scott from Performance Gunworks come hunt with me & Jon. As you know, Scott is the master mind behind the BD-15 .450 Bushmaster Rifle I use to smash hogs now. This trip he brought along another beast build of his, a .450 Bushmaster BOLT Rifle and he put it to use. He was all dialed in and ready to collect some bacon so when he arrived we took off to go check a couple bait sites and a trap.

bacon bitsWouldn’t you know we pulled up to the first property and not only was the bait site smashed but the trap had some hogs in it (Those were the 5 grillers we posted up on social media earlier today). We dispactched those and decided to just hunt another property since things got a little loud on the hillside as we collected our bacon bits. We returned to the house, cleaned the grillers and put them in a cooler. Once we cleaned up we geared up and headed to the stand. We hunted the same property where I harvested that monster sow earlier in the week. Me and Jon were filming in a box stand over looking a cutover that was bordered by the swamp and Scott was in the Hog Hut that was overlooking the Wannamaker Wildlife Seed Company’s Naked Oats Food Plot. It wasn’t long before things got going!

We all got to the stand like ninjas and everything was smooth. No tripods fell over, no guns fell against the corners of the box stands, no drinks fell out of our hands… well… maybe mine did… just once, but nothing that would shut us down for the night. Everything was really quite though. I was kinda worried that the night was too quite but that thought didn’t last too long. We kept scanning the bait sites with our Sniper hog Lights 50LRX with the IR module while using our Canon XA10 Camera on Infrared mode to see if there were any targets in sight without having to keep picking up our rifles. IMG_8304between scans were heard the .450 Bushmaster Bolt Rifle bark! Little did we know that while it was quite over by us, Scott had hogs all over him. He had 4 hogs come in grazing on the Naked Oats and working their way straight to him, before they closed the distance on the bait sight they got spooked over something and bolted. It wasn’t too long after that a single sow showed back up and was headed in the same path. Scott wasn’t going to give here the chance to spook so he put the crosshairs on here dome piece and let it rip! He dropped the sow in her tracks and shot me a text to let us know it was meat in the freezer. Me and Jon decided to give it a few minutes to see if any other hogs would come by us as they exited the crime scene. Nothing happened after 30 minutes so we packed our gear up and headed over to scoop up Scott and see his hog.

We pulled up to the Hog Hut and got all the cameras set up to record the recovery of Scott’s hog, he was jacked up! We told us how everything went down and we started looking in the tall Naked Oats for his hog. Man it’s tough to spot a hog in that food plot! We made a few circles before finding her and she was a nice mature sow. We must have walked past her 3 times! We wrapped up the post interview and loaded the ‘ol gal up. Once we got back to the truck and unloaded her on the trailer we all jumped back on the ATV’s to go check a trap on the other side of the property that we were hunting. I set the trap on Sunday and knew it should have a hog in it by now.

IMG_8310We made our way through the swamp to the trap and as we pulled up we could hear it rattle and the familiar sounds of a nice boar hog grunting. Sure enough we caught a cool looking blonde boar hog! He was not happy. That wasn’t all though, things got interesting quick. We heard some grunts and twigs snapping behind the trap while were filming the boar in the trap! We all got quite and started shining the lights behind the trap. Sure enough we started seeing brush move. We were surrounded by hogs! They must have been hanging out with the boar while he was held in captivity. Scott finally got one in his light and I drew my GLOCK 40MOS from my Gunfighters INC Kenai Chest Holster. He was trying to tell me where the hogs were as I turned on my Burris FastFire III. I finally caught the silhouette of the hog, placed the dot on it’s head and let it roll! These guys were trying to run us off! The hog jumped all over the place and took off. I was a little shocked that it ran since it should have dropped in it’s tracks. All the other hogs scattered and we tried to see where the hog I shot took off to. We all turned off our lights and just listened. After a few seconds we heard a hog breathing pretty hard to our left and walked to it. Sure enough there was the hog I shot and it wasn’t dead! It jumped up and took off when we got close to it. It was a small piglet and it was a mean little joker! I can’t believe he carried that 10mm round like a champ. After a 80 yard foot chase I finally got him back in my sights and was able to dispatch him. The first shot landed just behind his head just in front of his shoulder. What a tough little guy! We went back and dispatched the blonde boar in the trap and headed to the house to get to work. What a night!

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