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The First Wild Hog Harvested using a 3D Night Vision Unit!

Earlier this year Michael Bartlett from 3D Night Vision came up from Georgia to hunt Wild Hogs with us. He had just started preorders for his new invention, the 3D Night Vision Clip On Unit. This unit clips on behind any red dot and BAM, you have night vision! He was getting a temendous amount of interest on his product and needed some footage to show how well the unit worked. The concept was there but people wanted to see how it actually performed in the field. Michael had tons of target shooting footage and just needed to get some hunting footage. I invited him up to come hunt with us and the rest is history. This is, in my honest opinion, one of the most versatile night vision units on the market. Not only is it compact, it’s the most affordable and functional night vision I have ever seen. Watch as he explains how the unit works and see him harvest the first wild hog with the unit, 704 Style!

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