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The Kanipe Brothers Lower the Boom on a Double Bearded Turkey

The Kanipe Brothers did some work this turkey season! They busted a double bearded turkey and here is how it went down!

“On Friday, April 11 2012, me and my brother Kenny Kanipe went on another turkey adventure in Alexander county. We had been working 2 different turkeys for about hour and half. They were gobbling pretty good but we couldn’t close the distance. We decided to pickup and move to a different location.

We got set up and once again we were working another tom! He just kept running up and down the mountain getting his exercise. We spent an hour working him, he finally lost interest and went the other way.

So once again we picked up and moved to another spot which was at an abandoned chicken house. We walked through the chicken house to the other end and my brother hit the call. They were right in our lap, 2 toms! My brother was first to get a shot at about 50 yards. BOOM!  A miss! They took off and I took a shot… BOOM! Another miss! All we could do is laugh at it.

We decided to go to the previous spot to check it out and see if we could work the other tom again. We got back to the spot. We came from the top of the hill this time, got set up and made the call. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s back! Sent a couple more calls to him and saw that little white head come up the hill. My brother put tha smack down on that bad boy! After 4 half hours of goin at it, it was all worth it, he smacked a double bearded turkey! It had 10 1/4″ bottom beard and a little thin 8″ beard. He was also sporting 1″ spurs.”


Story by Kenzie Kanipe

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