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Colvin Saunders Takes his Buddy Out to Bust His 1st Turkey in the Beak!

I was trying to get my buddy on a nice bird this year. We hunted the previous saturday and got on 3 gobbleing birds but was unable to close the deal due to yours truely, I kept trying to us in a little to close. We ended up bumping the birds back into thick brush preventing of from being able to make another move on them.

The following Sat morning we went in with a plan to beat the birds to a field we were fairly certian they would be using. We got in and got set up. At 0550 heard the first gobble in the opposite direction we expected to hear the turkeys. Regardless by 0610 we had 8 birds gobbleing and our decoy in place along with a plan to pull a double in the event multiple birds came in. I gave a series of soft clucks, purs, and yelps in about 10-15 minute intervals until aproxx 0700 when 3 birds came into view. Our plan for doubles didnt come together but my good friend was able to give the most mature bird of the 3 a nice ‘ol lead bath. The buddy that was hunting with me has never hunted in his life prior to 2 previous outtings with me this season. He was also on the USS Bataan with me for my last deployment of 11 months, so we had plenty of time to plan for this season and get pumped up about the hunt. There is no doubt he had some serious levels of adrenaline pumping! This hunt will not be soon forgotten. I was happier to see him pull the trigger and wrap an ‘ol thunder chickens head than I would have been if I had pulled the trigger. He has the itch now. We have already ready began the planning for Archery Season this september! Oh almost forgot… it was the 704 Outdoors aluminum friction call that brought this guy in!

The Bird was a 2 1/2yr old with a solid gobble. Beard length was 9in. Spurs measured in at 1in on the dot.


Story by Covin Saunders

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