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Thanksgiving Hog Hunting

My family headed to Florida for Thanksgiving this year. While we were down there my Uncle Jesse suggested that we should get away one day to do a little hog hunting… we all thought that was a great idea! I called my friend Bob Hayes over at Little Lake Lodge to see if they were going to be around at all for the holiday weekend and he informed me they were wide open. We weren’t the only ones that thought it would be a good family event. What’s better at helping you work off those extra calories from turkey day than chasing wild hogs? Therefore, on Saturday we headed to the lodge and met up with our friends Cliff & Carlos. In no time, we were loaded up on the swamp buggy headed to the swamp to turn out some dogs! My father asked my wife if she wanted to kill a hog and she responded “Oh yeah… I want to get one with a knife though, I already shot one!” They all laughed but I knew she was serious. They all said she was bluffing and she replied, “We’ll see..” After a couple hours of looking for hogs, we finally got on some. At first, we thought it was just one medium hog. As I was about to grab him, all the dogs took off and I was left there staring face to face with an unhappy boar hog with no back up. I backed up and left him in his hole. To our surprise, there was another Boar that was in the same Palmetto patch, and he was a bruiser! When we came running around the swamp buggy there he was. I still can see the image of the dog being thrown in the air by the hog just before the other dogs latched on. I ran to get a hold of the hog before he really put a hurting on the other dogs and my wife was on my heels! After getting a hold of the hog and wrestling him to the ground my wife sunk the knife deep into the good stuff… with very little help from me. There we all were, me sitting on a monster boar hog waiting for him to expire, my wife standing there holding a bloody knife and my father filming it all. What a day! I’m super proud of my wife, I married the baddest chick this side of the Mississippi!

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