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Stupid Smartphones…

Almost everyday a new smartphone comes out that is faster then the previous model. Apps are being made daily all over the world. You can play games, check emails, update all your social media sites… and miss your chance on that deer that you’ve been hunting all season!

I am guilty of checking emails, texting other team members to see how their hunt is going and checking in on all of 704’s social media sites. So far in this season alone I have been caught unprepared twice with my stupid smartphone in my hand. Both with the same deer! The first time the 6 point buck showed up was in the first week of the season… and he was still in velvet. Knowing I didn’t have a chance to get my bow I just sat back and watched.

The second time was a week later. I was talking to my camera man about us slipping out and trying another spot for the afternoon hunt. I pulled the ‘ol cellular telecommunications device out to check the weather for the afternoon and BAM! There he was, 15 yards broadside and all I had in my hand was my stupid smartphone! I finally decided friday that enough was enough. I turned my phone off and stuck it in my pocket on the way to the stand… guess what, I killed a nice mature doe. Have any similar stories where your smartphone got you busted or you missed out on a opportunity to kill a nice deer? Share your story with us in the comment section below!

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