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John Smokes His 1st Deer of the 2012 Season!

I got up this morning knowing it was going to be a good hunt. I was headed to a set on a property that has only been sat once in the morning, not to mention the bottom fell out and we got rained on for that entire hunt. I’ve always done great on this property during early bow season. I knew if I could make it to my stand without getting busted I would have a good chance at smacking a deer! The set I was hunting was a pinch point between 2 large bedding areas. There are a few soy bean & corn fields at the opposite ends of the property. This means that the deer have to travel through our little corridor to get from the bedding areas to the food sources. We throw a little corn and apples to make sure they hug our side of the corridor to get within bow range.

I arrived at the property with plenty of time to make it to my stand. I have to really be careful about being as quite as possible since there is a large bedding area pretty close to our set. I got my scentblocker gear on, threw my bow over my shoulder and headed to the stand. I knew this morning was perfect so far. Not wanting to ruin it, I eased in without turning on a flashlight and just slipped towards the stand all ninja like. Thanks to my String Sling bow sling, I was able to just climb straight up the climbing stick without having to tie a pull rope to my bow and make any extra unneccessary movements which could potentially end up with unneccessary noises. At the top, I got my camera on the camera arm, nocked an arrow, attached my safety belt and sat there with an evil grin on how smoothly things went.

I had in my jacket a Custom Handmade Deer Call by Bobs Custom Calls, our teams newest sponsor. I wanted to see how it sounded in the woods and pretty much wanted to play with my new toy! After daylight I set the reed to the young buck grunt, I’ve gotten tons of pictures of young bucks in the area so I figured this would be a good vocalization to try to fool other deer in the area. After a few calls I put the call back in my jacket pocket and just relaxed. About 15 minutes went by and something to the right of me caught the corner of my eye and there she was, a mature doe that meant serious business. This wasn’t her first rodeo. I have killed a bunch of deer off this property and there are usually 2 or 3 in a group when they cruise through. It’s a very good chance she was around when I lowered the boom on another deer. I know for sure that this doe probably would not have come in if she hadn’t heard my calls. It gave her some false comfort that another deer was in the area and things were ok.

What felt like hours, she finally moved ever so slowly towards the mineral lick site. I couldn’t move a muscle. Her ears were all over the place and her eyes were pin pointing every movement around her. This was going to be a tough doe to kill! I got the camera on her and tried to make as little movements as possible. She never really relaxed. I waited until she moved behind a tree to position myself and attach my release. Now I just had to wait for the right moment to draw and let the Hellrazor fly.

Finally she gave me the opportunity that i’ve been patiently waiting for. She turned broadside, I drew back ever so slowly. Settled the HHA Optimizer pin behind her shoulder, the Webb Archery Custom String slung the meat missile straight to the boiler room letting the Hellrazor cut loose… WHAACCKK!! She spun around and tore off threw the brush. I knew I got a great hit on her with the help of the Nocturnal Nock on the end of my Easton Flatline. It was like a green laser beam that disapeared in her ribs.

After doing a short “after the shot” interview in the tree I eased down and started to trail the big ‘ol slick head. I know she didn’t go far at all. I called the landowners son and told him to bring his 3 wheeler to help get this girl to the truck. We trailed her for less than 80 yards. Stay tuned for the Webisode that will feature this hunt and more!


Bowtech Guardian 70# Draw
Bowfinger Madusa Rest
HHA Optimizer Sight
Webb Archery Custom Bow Strings
String Sling Bow Sling
Easton Flatline Arrows
Hellrazor 100 grain Broadheads
Nocturnal Lighted Nocks
Scott Bitty Goose Release
Bobs Custom Calls Deer Call

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