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Rich’s Hunt Went from Bad to Good… 3 Arrows Later!

rich blood 2Ok, this hunt started off crappy! First I dropped my camera from 20+’, I then cut myself with a limb saw, forgot the camera clip for my Viper Tree Arm but then all was forgotten when the deer started coming in! Had 2 chances at the albino doe I saw last week. I held my bow at full draw for 5 minutes waiting for a shot. I know this cause Steve got it all on film.  I was covered by doe so I could move too much. My arm got rubbery on me so it was time to let off to wait on a better shot. Just as I was letting off my numb trigger finger touched the release and SMACK… got me a clean shot at the ground! They all left but luckily they all came back. The albino doe gave me another shot at 26yds. Now this was the weird part, when I released my arrow the knock exploded sending the rich blood 3fletching’s all over which made the arrow completely miss her! Oh I was about to jump out of the tree and dive on her but I pulled my big boy panties up and calmed down some.

All the deer left and within 5 minutes a buck showed up. He was hanging around at 20-28 yds. At this point I wasn’t sure about shooting him but two things went thru my mind, #1 I didn’t have a bow kill yet and #2 the land owner wants them all gone to get them out of his garden! So I pulled back and flung an arrow at him… WHACK!

So after all that craziness in the beginning of this hunt and a few not so nice words during the hunt, it rich blood 5ended with me not only having my blood all over me, I have some buck blood also! The best part is, I got it on film! Here’s another skull headed to David at D&K Skull Mounts!


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