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Coyote Hunting Seminar at Bass Pro Shops

Deer season is over…. it’s time to put a dent in the Coyote population! We’re gearing up to lower the boom on some predators as well as getting prepared for the 2nd Annual Carolina Coyote Classic. We josh trap 3would like to share our expertise with anyone that is interested in getting into predator hunting as well as any tournament participants trying to get some additional pointers. This seminar is for beginners, novice hunters and even seasoned hunters that want to pick up some different techniques to add to their artillary.

John Alden will be giving instruction on different coyote calling techniques, how to successfully set up on coyotes, weapon set up with use of night vision, thermal imaging and predator lights. John has been a John Aldenhighly successful coyote hunter that has been contracted to do coyote removal all around NC. He has perfected calling and shooting coyotes day and night.

Joshua Reep is a Contract Coyote Trapper in NC and specializes in coyote removal with use of traps. He will explain how to recognize good locations for coyote sets, explain how to set traps, the different baits to use and how to successful prepare the trapping set’s appearance for predators to approach the trap where you want them to. He will share his expertise in double sets and how to continually trap coyotes using the same sets.

Joshua ReepCarolinas Regional Director of QDMA, Rick Counts, will be on scene taking in new memberships with a special offer from the Quality Deer Management Association.

We will also be kicking off early registration for the 2nd Annual Carolina Coyote Classic!

Speaker Information:
John Alden- Certified Wildlife Damage Control Officer Specializing in Coyote Control. Winner of the 2014 Carolina Coyote Classic. Owner of The Varmintators Predator Control.

josh trap 1Josh Reep- Highly Experienced Contract Coyote Trapper. Owner of Needmore Coyote Control.

**Need any additional information contact John MacPherson at! Additional information on the Carolina Coyote Classic can be found HERE!

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