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PETA Facebook Profile Filter Backfires, Goes Viral with Hunters

Did you catch the new Profile Filter on Facebook that you could use courtesy of our friends at PETA? If not, take a look now because it’s going viral!  Every hunter and fisherman is using the filter to show off their favorite harvest. There are new profile pictures from Whitetail Deer to Ducks and Largemouth Bass to Catfish. We have absolutely had a blast with this new campaign and you should participate in the fun if you haven’t already. There’s no telling how long this will last because we are sure the organization is freaking out as we speak!

Here are some great example of the awesome Profile Pictures taking over Facebook:

Here are what people are saying about the new filters:

“Thank you “PETA”. I have been on Facebook for several years, I’ve never seen so many dead animals in one day, Makes me very proud that I am a “HUNTER”…(followed by several emoji’s) -Danny H. via Facebook

Boy I bet peta mad (followed by several emoji’s) -Aaron H. via Facebook

Does PETA Outdoors have a field staff? They sure kill a lot of animals, I think I would like to join. -Todd S. via Facebook

Haha… I see PETA has opened up a whole new market for themselves… -George B. via Facebook

I believe someone with “PETA” at this very moment is saying, Who’s bright idea was this? -D. Haynes via Facebook


There are some concerns too…

How much data has PETA collected and what will they be used for? #hooklinesinker -Darin S. via Facebook

Why are all the hunters out there helping advertise for (PETA)? Man they are getting lots of free advertising. I’m not certain but don’e they make money from those covers? Just asking. -Tim F. via Facebook


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