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John’s Largest Bow Buck to Date!

I am an avid bowhunter. I carry my bow on almost every hunt I venture on whether it’s Alligators, Bear, Hogs or Small Game. The one animal that has eluded me so far has been a mature whitetail buck! Not anymore. This past weekend I was able to harvest my biggest buck with my bow to date. He’s not a 180 class freak but he’s a trophy in my book and will look great in my man cave! What a journey it has been…


Bowtech Guardian 70lb Draw Weight, 27″ Draw Length

Webb Archery Custom String

Bowfinger Madusa Max Drop Away Arrow Rest

HHA Optimizer Sight

Carbon Express Piledriver Arrow Shafts

Muzzy Trocar 125 grain Broadheads

Porta Climb Convertible Climber

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