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It Was Too Good to Be True…

Just days ago North Carolina was buzzing about this awesome buck that was harvested in Surry County, NC. Everyone wanted to see the pictures, everyone wanted to know all the details and what this youngster was doing to grow such a monster in North Carolina. Now the heart breaking news has been released. The Nicholas Davis Buck is not a North Carolina Deer.

As I type those words I still can’t quite register the reasoning behind this. This isn’t something that can be taken lightly. This is a slap in the face to all North Carolina Sportsman. The conversations I’ve had with several people about this buck were all positive, all smiles, “North Carolina is now on the map for MONSTER Freak Non-Typical bucks!” Why does it matter? It matters to all North Carolina Outfitters who would have booked countless NEW clients that want a crack at a North Carolina Freak. It matters to the NCWRC that would have sold countless licenses to hunters wanting to try at a North Carolina Freak, to both Residents and Non-Residents. It matters to all North Carolina Sportsman that work countless hours practicing Quality Deer Management, watching our bucks grow bigger and seeing this Freak thinking, “Hey, it’s finally working!” It matters to Joey Thompson, who took his time away from his family to score this buck in excitement that this was a North Carolina deer and potentially the new State Record. It matters to us because we are Outdoorsman, we are Sportsman and we take pride in North Carolina Whitetail Conservation.

I hope this doesn’t discourage North Carolina hunters but instead gives us goals to grow bucks similar to the Nicholas Davis Buck… just the right way.

Special thanks to Joey Thompson, Certified Scorer of the NCBA. He informed us as he was informed by the NCWRC that the Nicholas Davis Buck was not in fact  a North Carolina deer. Here is the statement he posted on facebook just moments ago:

“To everyone in the NC woods, I am in regret to inform you of the deer I took pride in measuring on Thursday night as it was not a NC deer. I am very upset over this as I felt it was legitimate and legal. I am very Thankful the NCWRC for the hard work and protected the deer we hunt. I want to apologize for the hunters of NC for the problems we face as we spend numerous hours away from our loved ones in pursuit of the big deer we chase.
I’m in shock and I’m sorry for misinforming NC of a potential State Record”
~Joey Thompson


How do you think the NCWRC should handle Nicholas Davis and his bogus claim? Comment below and join in on the discussion on our facebook page HERE.

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  • Bob ARNAO ( whitetail fanatic )

    I believe he should pay very stiff fine and loose his hunting and fishing privileges in North Carolina and definitely& spent a few years in jail to think about his stupidity !

  • Jeff ferguson

    I think he should lose the deer. Also his hunting license or previliges in nc.
    It’s people like him that lie and do bull…. things like this that give hunters a bad name. I have alot of other things I could say but nothing good so the best thing I can do is not say nothing at all.

  • George Hilbish

    We should stop putting so much emphasis on growing horn and be more interested in the overall health of the herd. When we put emphasis on horn we loose sight of what hunting is about, the harvest of resources, food. We encourage all manner of illegal activity such as poaching and more importantly, the raising of “freak” deer, which are unnatural in the wild.

    This process of growing “freak” deer usually involves the cross breeding of deer from other states that are imported, sometimes illegally. This is a key culprit in the spread of CWD.

    It’s unfortunate this has happened. The bottom line is, this is all about money. And when money becomes a real factor in anything, there will always be corruption. The real sad part is, I go to the field to get away from all that. Can’t win for loosing.

  • George Hilbish

    I would like to learn more about where the deer came from and more about Davis. He apparently has tagged several really big deer in the past. What’s the motivation for lying or has he lied about the others too?

    As far as what the NCWRC should do….nothing. I think the hunting community can handle this. I don’t mean in a violent way. I think Davis is now going to face a lot of scrutiny by his fellow hunters, especially if they weren’t of the same ilk. If they believed in him, they now see him for what he is, a liar. And if bragging rights is what it’s all about, he’s DONE.

  • Mike Donovan

    We had a big buck contest at work in upstate New York. An idiot we worked with was bragging about a buck he shot in Ontario Canada including pictures . Three months later he tried to enter the rack in our contest and he said he shot it in the Adirondacks. Needless to say we booted him out. Big ego and liar.

  • Tyler Parsons

    He should have his hunting license taken away and his bow

  • Aaron Honeycutt

    Disqualify all past entries in NCBA and disallow any future trophies. I’m very disappointed in this guy!


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