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Gear Review: Lou Animal Feeders

Fumbling around on Facebook one day checking out different hunting products as I do on occasion I came across this feeder system by Lou Animal Feeders. After checking out the page I found a link to the buckwebsite and decided to check it out. Reading through the instructions and usages of the feeders I really thought I should try and contact the owner. I reached out to them through Facebook and that’s when Bryan Jenkins contacted me. I told him I was interested in his feeder system and he laid out the details for me.

Lou Animal Feeders are made 1/4 inch Durable Plastic.  Constructed with drainage holes in bottom of Trough for rain water. It has a 1/4 turn Locking Lid. Two mounting brackets to assure a secure and stable feeding station. Heavy duty ratchet straps included. Gravity dose all the work and keeps the Trough full. Ratchet strap to any tree or post in minutes, Fill up and walk away. Holds over 300lbs of weight on the Trough. I thought man this dude really has a great product so I asked if he’d like to partner up with 704 Outdoors. The rest is history.

bear 2I got my hands on one of these feeders back in June and put it to work. I strapped it to an old Oak tree and filled it up with 70 pounds of corn. It didn’t take long for it to start working. First pictures were from a really nice black Bear. He stayed around it for a couple of day’s feeding and chewing on it trying to get it off the tree but was unsuccessful. He did however empty ever last piece of corn out of it. Next came the deer. Then the turkey, then the coons and squirrels. This feeder will feed anything. Bryan even has been selling them for  livestock and poultry use as well.

I really like this feeder guys! And proof is in the pudding. Check out some these pictures of it in action. Go get you one today!

Gravity feeders made in the USA of 100% Heavy Duty plastics. Little Lou holds 70 lbs and Original Lou holds 145 lbs of Feed or Seed. Ratchet straps to any tree or post in minutes. No tools, batteries, or parts needed. Bears and Hogs can not knock it over..Ratchet Straps Included..***US Patented***


Find Lou Animal Feeders on facebook HERE and give em a like!

Find their website HERE and order your Lou Animal Feeder today!

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