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Haley Price Harvests a Monster NC Buck!

haley buckIt was November the 5th. My friend rufty had just baited this new spot the Sunday before. I actually skipped class that day because the weather had just gotten cold and I knew that the deer would be moving. So let me tell you a little about this spot. It was perfect. I was hunting in what you would call a knob or a point of the woods and all around it was a new cutover just cut that summer therefore; there was no brush just a few standing trees and fallen trees and a few of the tops of trees on the ground. I got set up put my camera up in the tree around 2 and  got comfy. Sat there till 4 and that when the Bruiser came out. He went straight to the corn. Of course he didn’t make it easy on me. He was 35 yrds away but standing right behind some trees and brush so I could get a clear shot of 25 mins and I was freaking out cause I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to shoot him. Then he got full and starting haley buck 3walking fast towards the cutover. I couldn’t move the camera and shoot him at the same time so I decided to shoot him lol. You don’t get many chances to shoot deer like that in North Carolina. He finally stopped behind some limbs to pee on his hocks. He made a bad mistake. I drew back and shot him. He took off then and I was so excited. I stayed there till dark and ended up seeing a monster 8 in the haley buck 2cutover. He was kicking up dirt with his front hooves and peeing on his hocks and ramming his horns on every fallen limb and brush out there. I grunted and snort wheezed and did the doe bleat. It didn’t phase him. I was gonna shoot him and use my 2nd buck tag in the same evening. He never came in. So I got down at dark and followed his blood trail till I couldn’t find blood. I then called rufty and he got curt with country boy blood tracking to being his dog to trail my buck. They came right away and we ended up finding him an hour later. The buck went about 225 yrds. I was so happy because I thought I had lost him. I had, had such a bad season so far and I was going to be devastated if I lost him. Well the rest is history I quarter him up and caped him out and took him to Stuffys taxidermy to get Candice Megs to mount him for me because she does such an amazing job.

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