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Getting to Know Team Member Lee Howard

I’m Lee Howard, a team member with 704 Outdoors. I was born in the 704 and lived there until I was three. Currently I live in the 336 with my wife, Katie and our son, Shane.

lee howard monster 6 point buck 2I cut my teeth quail and pheasant hunting with my father who had a passion for the working bird dog. As I grew, he introduced me to fishing and big game hunting which instilled my passion for the outdoors.

I met with 704 Outdoors during the fall/winter of 2011 when a group of wild hogs had moved on to my hunting property and my whitetail population seemed to disappear. John McPherson and Bunk Guy brought their dogs to my hunting property and we wound up catching a hog together.

I shared with them a few videos of several hunting and fishing trips that I had recorded and I guess they noticed my talent for catching this action on film; so they asked me to come on board with 704 Outdoors. It is great to be apart of a team that shares my love of hunting, fishing and the outdoors. After all this time, it feels good that the 704 has called me back!

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