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Andrew Hartmann’s First Buck!

Huge congratulations to Andrew Hartmann on smacking his first buck, and he did it with a bow! Here’s how it went down…

“It was the last day of a week long inline muzzleloader doe season. This season overlaps the Pa archery season. The night before(friday) Andrew kept bugging me to take him, so I decided to take him but not with his crossbow. We took my CVA and my Diamond Black Ice bow. We were in the stand before daylight and around 7:20am I hit a doe bleat. We sat and heard some squirrels. I reached to my backpack a few minutes later to get a drink of water. I didnt even screw the cap off when I heard a noise behind us. We looked back and saw the deer! At first I thought it was a doe so I was gonna take a shot with the muzzleloader, then I realized it was a spike. Andrew asked if he could use my bow to shoot it, without second tought I grabbed the bow and schooled him on using it. He held the bow in his hand and I helped him draw the arrow back. I whispered to put the pin behind the right front shoulder. He aimed and told me he was ready to shoot. I took my hand off the bow and he hit the release within a split second. I saw the arrow hit the buck and his front right leg go limp! All we heard was BLAH BLAH while it was running. We let it lay for 30 minutes and started tracking him. The blood trail was pools of bubbly blood so I figured he hit lungs! We found him piled up 50yds away. It was a perfect lung shot! Andrew Tagged it with his Pa mentor youth lisence. He shot this deer a week before his 11th birthday!”

Congratulations Andrew & Happy Birthday from 704!

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