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Women’s Florida Hog Hunt was a HUGE Success!!

Amanda Aldridge, Amanda Guy, Christina Stout, Nikki Fentress, Katie Helms, Beth MacPherson and Haley Price all went to the deeeep south this past weekend to get in on some hog doggin’ action! They sure did put a hurtin on some Florida swine with Little Lake Lodge. The girls did everything themselves from catching the hogs, killing the hogs and even loading the hogs! The guides and a few guys from the team went just to be of assistance is needed… which was not much at all! The best part was we got tons of footage and it will be on a future webisode coming soon!

Check out Little Lake Lodge’s facebook page HERE and give em a Like!

Also check out their website HERE to book your next wild hog, alligator or turkey hunting adventure!

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