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Training Our Hog Dog Puppies Molly, Ovi & Ollie

It’s time to get the puppies started! Once they get passed the playing stage and start to listen a little better it’s time to put them in the trainin pens. We took them down to my buddy Gypsy to work them with some juvenile hogs. The point of this training session is to introduce the puppies to the hogs. Get them familiar with a wild hog and how they act. We’ll work them in a small pen like this a few times. After they are working the hogs well in the small pen, we’ll start to work on scent work by getting them to trail the hogs in a larger pen. One where they cannot see the hog and they actually have to look for the hog. It’s a process but it is very important that they work smart with the hogs before we take them hunting. When it’s time to hunt they will be able to work the hogs smarter so they wont get injured. Hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned to watch how they progress in their training!

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  • khalid

    Amazing video how you train them an how the last two dogs egged eachother on im in ft bragg nc an im trying to mold my dogs into hog dogs but idk where to go for training


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