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The String Sling, a Bow String That Actually Works!

Here’s a product review on a new piece of equipment that we really like and want to share with our readers simply because it’s something that actually works. With all of the new gadgets and gear that are available to hunters, we find that much of it turns out to be worth less than the packaging that it came in. This is a new product that we picked up at a hunting exposition recently that we really like. We aren’t sponsored and don’t receive any compensation from the manufacturer so you know that this has got to be something that is worthy of mention. All of us are bowhunters but not one of us has found a sling for a bow that was worth its weight in dirt, until now.

 The String Sling from H&M; Archery that I purchased in Realtree AP looks good, is sturdy and is available in other camo patterns.

This thing fits me well physically and as you can see I’m a pretty big boy! It’s got lots of adjustment for length, is very easy to put on your bow and easy to attach the sling to yourself. The unit comes with a full lifetime warranty and only costs about $25 bucks. All I can say is that this bow sling is awesome! It came with plastic rings on some camo rope that you tie to the riser of your bow which is where it connects to the sling. The sling has clips that swivel so you never have to worry about it getting twisted up on you. All you have to do is clip it to the plastic rings on your riser and you’re ready to go.

It comes with a little attachment you just put in your pocket until you get to your stand  sothat you can take the sling off the riser, attach it to the little hook type attachment then hang your bow from it hands free. It really feels good having the bow there ready to pick up and draw since there is no reaching for a bow on a bow hanger. It’s like having a gun in a holster,  just pick it up and you’re ready to shoot.

I think it holds your bow securely. The packaging does say not to climb into your stand with it so you can decide to follow the warning or not.

The only real issue that I had with it was that sometimes the clips on the sling will tap against your riser and make a ticking noise as you walk but you can adjust it to where it won’t.  It’s nothing a little camo fabric tape can’t fix. I would suggest that H&M; Archery consider rubber coating the se clips to make it quieter and eliminate this problem completely.

I’m happy to say that this little thing is an awesome find! I had the pleasure to use it for several weeks during the North Carolina urban archery deer season and hog hunting without any tears, fraying or stretching. It has held up great so far.

The String Sling is very comfortable and functions well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slipped into my stand to only get busted as I’m pulling up my bow to me… not anymore! It also helps to have the bow right at your fingertips without having to reach for it, eliminating any extra movement is always a plus. We highly recommend this product and think that H&M Archery has really come up with something! Why haven’t you got one yet?





I just recieved some information from Jerry Huddleston of H&M Archery Products Inc, makers of the String Sling. He shared with me some tips that they will be adding to the display box insert, this is what he had to say:

”The next display box insert will include note that O ring can be replace with butterfly knot in the center of the cord.  The cord locks can be omitted by locking the tied ends of the cord with clear fingernail polish.”

Sounds good to me! I’m pretty happy with my setup but maybe any of you can try it out with your String Sling and let us know how it works!

Check out H&M’s Website HERE!

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