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The Newest Addition to the Family of Assassins!

Just a few weeks ago Bunk and I were discussing getting another closed mouth bay dog. We were talking about how hard we thought it was going to be to find a good dog that worked well with our dogs, had a good nose and would jump on a hog when it had some back up. We like gritty bay dogs that will catch when it had a chance. Bunk said “Man, if we could find a dog like Whitey we’d be in business! Good nose, hard hunter and would definitely put some teeth on a hog.” We called it the night and made some calls to our friends that we’ve gotten dogs from before the next day. Everyone either wanted a ton of money for a decent closed mouth bay dog or they had some gritty bay dogs but not ones that had a good nose. We have 2 gritty bay dogs that have great noses but they are both open mouth dogs. They work great on properties that have little dog hunting pressure. The only problem is that when you turn out open mouth dogs in an area where hogs have been run hard with hounds, they snatch a gear and check out of town! So we needed another bay dog that had a good nose but was silent so they could sneak up on a hog all ninja like. We kinda slowed down on the search and to be honest… we were a little frustrated.

This past Saturday we ran to the archery shop to try out a new product that we were testing for a company, hog dogs were the last thing on our mind at that point. While we were leaving the shop I got a text from our buddy down in South Carolina. He said he was trimming down his pack because he just got a bunch of new puppies and he had just too many dogs. Asked if I wanted or knew of anyone that wanted a bird dog, Whitey. I read the text out loud and Bunk about jumped out of his seat “Heck yeah we’ll take Whitey! When can we get him?!’ I thought we were going to have to pull over because Bunk was all jacked up and getting crazy. I text our friend back to let him know that we’d take Whitey, when could we come pick him up. Nothing. No text back. Hmmm. I assured Bunk that our friend probably had to go to work or was a taking a nap before he went in to work. This guy is one hard worker. So we drove the rest of the way back to the house talking about Whitey and how the pack was now complete with silent dogs and open mouth dogs for whatever properties we hunted. Bunk dropped me off and asked one more time before he left “Did he text ya back?” and I replied “Nope, not yet Bunk… i’ll let you know as soon as he does.”

A couple hours later I heard from Bunk several times asking about Whitey but nothing from Whitey’s owner. I text our friend and said “Hey man, Bunk is freakin out about Whitey and wants to come get him bad!” Still nothing.

About an hour later I finally got a response, “Lol, sorry man, I was sleeping. You can come get him when you want.” That was what we were waiting to hear. I couldn’t handle it though, I had to mess with Bunk. I made the call…

“What’s up?…. Ah nothin much…. yeah I heard from him…. na, someone came and got Whitey…. yeah, I’m serious…. I don’t know what happened…. I know it sucks…. we’ll find another dog like Whitey… Na, come on now, there are other dogs out there like Whitey Bunk…. Well it’s a good thing i’m just pulling your chain, we can go get Whitey tomorrow! HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

I would fill you in on Bunk’s side of the conversation but there were a lot of words and names he called me that we wouldn’t want to share with the world! The next day we headed to South Carolina, picked up Whitey and brought him back to the 704! Funny how things work out.

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