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T.J. Hopper Gets His Hands on the Gerber Flik!

Recently my friend John MacPherson sent me a present to play with. He called me up and asked if I would like to test out a new fishing multitool, the Gerber Flik. I told him sure and the package showed up a few days later, just in time for one of my local fishing tournaments! We did pretty good that night. Caught a few good fish and what a better way to test this new multitool out then yanking out some hooks set deep in some largemouths!

The first thing I noticed was how smooth it operated. It was silky smooth. I can see now where they came up with the name “Flik”.  You can “Flik” it out pretty easy with one hand while my other was holding a pig of a bass.

It comes in pretty handy during my fast pace tournaments. I specially like how compact it is. The thing that really stuck out to me was the fish hook sharpener, now that was cool! Haven’t had a multitool that came with that option and come to think about it, I haven’t heard of another multitool having it either. It had just enough accessories on it without going overkill. Sometimes a lot of multitools get carried away with trying to jam 900 different things in them.

After using the Gerber Flik during a few tournaments and several nights of leisure fishing I couldn’t really find anything I didn’t like about the Gerber Flik. The only thing I would suggest would be a leather case but that’s just personal preference. The case it comes works… it’s just not leather. This is a great new addition to my gear bag and it looks just as good as when I got it. Like anything Gerber makes, this multitool is built to last. I would suggest the Gerber Flik to all fishermen. Definitely a great addition to any boat!


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